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    Implantation 'll help get a tooth

    You do not have one tooth or more.Perhaps, you’ll never be able get used to the loss. Fortunately this situation is remediable.

    State-of-the-art science provided the system for dentists, capable of manufacturing artificial teeth in such a way that they look like natural ones, performing their function on a quite high-capacity level. Teeth implantation in Zaporozhye – painless and rapid process.

    The main part of the system is the implant – titanium screw or “root”, which is implanted in jaw bone and provides reliable support for crownwork. Artificial root made of titanium differs by high strength, but most important is that it is neutral for the organism and it does not cause allergic reactions.

    Manufacturing modern implants

    In the manufacture modern implants has high technology, which increase the strengh connection the implant with jaw bone. The system of dental implants has a high effect. Smile looks like natural and beautiful. Today, there are patients who make use of dental implants about 25 years. Dental implants can deteriorate as natural teeth. The difference is that dental implants recover completely.

    A dental implant is not just substitute.

    We know that as a result loss of dentition, there is a lack enough pressure on a bone. This has led to the bone degradation. In such cases there are wrinkles around the mouth, change contours of the face. Dental implants to maintain a jaw bone. It’s will provide a pressure to the bone in the process of chew and maintain the right appearance of the bone tissue.

    Typically for installation of a dental bridge is necessary to grinding down neighbouring teeth. This procedure provide a destruction of the contact teeth. Dental implants enable to retain healthy teeth.

    Teeth implantation in Dental Center "MC" in Zaporozhye.

    Teeth implantation capable of taking the quality of life. Would you like to use some food from which refused earlier? Dental implants will allow you to resume normal lives. You should be able to feel self-confidence.


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