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    Pregnant women are a special group of patients. As a result of changes in hormonal background and microbial landscape of the oral cavity the risk of dental disease and progression is increased.

    Pregnancy is not a contraindication to dental interventions. However, the first 3 months of pregnancy are the most unfavorable time for treatment. The peculiarities of this period are nausea, vomiting, increased salivation, heartburn, increased vomiting reflex and aspiration risk during dental treatment.

    Reasons for treatment

    The most frequent cause is treatment of dental caries. This disease can be very painful and put off going to the dentist – impossible. Toothache is one of the strongest pain. You’re not supposed take pain meds. Therefore, the problem need to be addressed immediately. Timely treatment assists get rid of pain

    Dental treatment in early pregnancy begins after examining.A dental examination is compulsory. Diagnosis is by way up-to-date equipment and our dentists can recommend a treatment. The first question is anesthesia. The treatment of teeth without anesthesia during pregnancy -impossible. The medical intervention is extremely unpleasant, not to mention more serious diagnoses.

    Of course, painkillers are not harmless. Many future mothers decide to endure in excruciating pain. Only to avoiding painkillers. However, the dentists consider that this appointment with a dentist is worse, because it’s a serious stress for pregnant women. The modern medicine offers a local anesthetic. It could be an injection of lidocaine or a special spray, which does not get into the blood at all.

    The treatment of teeth during pregnancy should be carried out in a timely manner. As soon as symptoms are noticed, you should immediately visit a professional experienced dentist. Whatever pain is an urgent signal to treatment. The more safer one visit to the dentist than self-medication. Even if the inflammation is not a serious should request the dentist. Infectious disease spreads very quickly, and the risk of infection with blood grows every day… It can be hypersensitive teeth.Most often, the reaction to cold or hot is associated with damage to enamel. The organism is weakened and can not cope with even the easiest diagnoses on its own. Bleeding may be caused by improper brush selection.

    Before planning of pregnancy need to take complete sanitation of oral cavity. It’s a full treatment, and thus preventing problems in the future.


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