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    "KIDS-FLOWERS" the best children's dentistry in Zaporozhye.

    Some of us are afraid of dentists, and this fear is most often from childhood. The dentist was andry and harsh, wasn’t he? Especially, if we consider that this character – real.

    Loving and caring parents are not traumatize psyche of their child. That is the reason why children need to take only to specialized children’s dentistry. Our Dental Centre “MC” has been including the children’s dentistry for 16 years. It’s the “KIDS-FLOWERS”

    Baby teeth also need to be treated

    Many people considered thah baby teeth don’t have to treat.But it’s the most deep misconception.The baby teeth need to treat. 

     If you ignore problems related to baby teeth,it will bring to the serious problems.This could lead to formation chronic infection in the organism.In the case of in-depth caries can be impaired development of the rudiments of a permanent tooth -problems with jaw and speech.

    In addition unhealthy toothache can be the reason because a child cries and crotcheties. Therefore , a proper medical care for baby teeth – the guarantee of a beautiful and healthy smile in the future.

    Fluoride for teeth enamel

    Even if your baby doesn’t have problems with teeth – prevention isn’t extra.The fact is that in natural depressions on recently teething teeth the enamel is insufficient strong so can be caries.

    In the Dental Centre “MC” in the children’s dentistry “KIDS-FLOWERS” in Zaporozhye.Our dentists cultivates baby teeth filling material-dental sealant which contains fluorine.This method protects the tooth and strengthens the enamel.



    Гуменяк Виктория

    Замечательный, корректный доктор Соломина Наталья Владимировна. Профессионал высокого класса, любому пациенту это видно сразу. Успехов ей в дальнейшем.

    Семья Повзнер

    Выражаем огромную благодарность за отличную работу врачу Шестопаловой В.Н. за высокий профессионализм и чуткое отношение к пациентам. Обслуживаемся много лет всей семьей. Большое спасибо!

    Антоненко Ю.Г.

    Выражаю огромную благодарность врачу Иванченко В.В. за высокий профессионализм, чуткое отношение к пациентам и за золотые руки врача-стоматолога

    make an appointment with a pediatric dentist

      We'll call you and match a convenient time and specialist.

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