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Cosmetic tooth restoration – a procedure complex aimed at improving teeth appearance and smile in general.

What is it tooth restoration?

In dentistry the term ” tooth restoration” is referred set of measures to restore anatomical shape, colour and function of the teeth. Admittedly that not all people have perfect teeth. Even the most beautiful and healthy teeth have a way of with age to lose the attractive appearance. In that case will help tooth restoration.

Method of tooth restoration

There are several methods of tooth restoration

Dental sealants-traditional approach. The modern seals are nothing alike to those which were 30 years ago. Today, it’s the most comfortable and attractively. Combined with the latest of filling material is possible not only to fill cavity but and tooth restoration.

Indications for restoration:Discoloration of the enamel (change of shade), misshapen teeth i. e change in the normal shape of the teeth.

Tooth art restoration due to the composite materials. Even absolutely healthy teeth may be un-aesthetic. In this case you need the tooth art restoration.

Indications for tooth art restoration-cracks, splitting, stain on enamel.

Porcelain veneers and lumineers. Use of ceramic and composite moldings on teeth allows refuse to costly crowns.

Indications for veneers and lumineers-uneven color of enamel, shifted teeth, gap between teeth. This procedure is one of the most demanded in esthetic dentistry.

Dental crowns. The new methods ofteeth restoration are not universal. In difficult cases, it is necessary to resort to traditional ceramic crowns. This option is possible after removing the dental braces. Indications -importance to restore the anatomical shape and function of the tooth. On a case-by-case basis are used the required methods of teeth restoration.

Why the Dental Center “MC”?

You will get the high-quality teeth restoration in our Dental Center “MC”. A tailor-made approach to each patient. The Dental Center “MC” is introducing new methods, technologies and covers the entire spectrum of dentistry.

Our dentists able to rectify any imperfection of your teeth.

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