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What is sedation

The word “sedation” appeared in the range of services of the Dental Center “MC”. In our dentistry got an opportunity to treat teeth completely without pain and fear and even get good emotions from treatment. It’s so interesting, isn’t it?

Sedation is the condition of half asleep. This is a type of anesthesia, in which soothing drugs are used as inhalation for the superficial sleep of a person. The purpose of sedation is to eliminate the patient’s nervous tension during the treatment of teeth.

Benefits treatment with sedation

Sedation allows you to make the treatment of teeth as comfortable as possible without the fears that are associated with a visit to the dentist. This method a convenient way of treatment for dentists because a patient is balanced and positive. Sedation increases the effect of analgesic injection, lower blood pressure, provides treatment patients with severe vomiting reflex.

Safety sedation for the organism

This method has no impact to the vital organs and systems. A person breathes himself, hears everything, can talk, all reflexes remain normal. The use of sedation allows not only to relieve the patient from negative impressions but carry out serious manipulations at one visit. The patient is relaxed, feels positive and perceives everything that is happening less critically. Should you want to find out that happens after sedation? The effect of the gas mixture ends immediately after the mask is removed. The patient can drive after 5 minutes. Scientific research and clinical observations speak about this after all, the history of application of this method amounts to about 150 years. Patients don’t experience any discomfort or feeling ill after sedation. A person feels refreshed. There may be blurred memories, or maybe they may not be at all.

Choice is yours

“The Sleeping dentistry” is becoming increasingly popular. If you want to treat teeth without pain, stress and fear, come to the Dental Center “MC ” and choose sedation. You’re sleeping-we’re treating.


Гуменяк Виктория

Замечательный, корректный доктор Соломина Наталья Владимировна. Профессионал высокого класса, любому пациенту это видно сразу. Успехов ей в дальнейшем.

Семья Повзнер

Выражаем огромную благодарность за отличную работу врачу Шестопаловой В.Н. за высокий профессионализм и чуткое отношение к пациентам. Обслуживаемся много лет всей семьей. Большое спасибо!

Антоненко Ю.Г.

Выражаю огромную благодарность врачу Иванченко В.В. за высокий профессионализм, чуткое отношение к пациентам и за золотые руки врача-стоматолога


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