We are treat a dysfunction of TMJ

What is TMJ

This is a joint connecting the lower jaw with the temporal bones of the skull. Among all the joints of our body, the temporomandibular joint works almost the most of all. We use it during we cheam, say, we yea. Hence the result – it sometimes fails.

Signs and symptoms dysfunction of TMJ

There are different signs and symptoms dysfunction of TMJ. If you feel pain and noise in the temporomandibular joint, in the temples, in the ear, head when opening your mouth. You are concerned about the pain when you open and close your mouth and then the mouth stops opening at all, that you need to hurry to the dentist. The dentist can determine the exact diagnosis. This requires a complete analysis of the patient’s medical or dental history, clinical examination and x-ray examination.

Causes of dysfunction

The dysfunction of TMJ can be manifested in people of all age categories.There are many causes of the occurrence of TMJ and among them:bite disturbed, sharp overexertion of gummy muscle, bruxism and increased teeth abrasion, lead to overvoltage of individual muscle groups.One of the reasons for the development of the dysfunction of the TMJ is stress. Stress causes overstrain and spasm of muscles, which raises a pain syndrome.

Complexity diagnostic of dysfunction

To diagnose of syndrome TMJ use X-rays, CT scanner, MRI and arthroscopy. It is important to consult specialists of different directions in dentistry in order to correctly diagnose.

To treat dysfunction of TMJ is possibly

To succeed in treating the dysfunction of TMJ, necessary set of measures: orthodontic treatment to correct the bite, surgical treatment, dental transfusions, prosthetics, physiotherapeutic procedures. If your priority is remove pain syndrome, you can take an painkiller or make compresses.But remember that this will not fix the dysfunction, but will only exacerbate the problem, therefore, it is better to contact the dentist at once. Contact to the Dental Center “MC” in Zaporozhye, address : st, Pochtovaya 27/29, contacts – 213-05-33, 218-75-14, (098) 235 4694, (066) 424 4759, to a dentist-surgeon, dentist-therapist Vladislav Villievich Danilenko. We decide your problems !
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