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Accurate diagnosis-half success

The purpose of any screening is establishing a correct diagnosis. On this basis a doctor makes the plan of treatment. Due to a quality diagnosis a specialist picks up the most effective and light method of treatment. Several years ago doctors based only on X-rays. Today a modern dentistry is a variety of research which includes an ortopantomograph and a computer x-ray system. These devices provide imagery of a patient’s jaw. A dentist visions the fullest possible picture of disease without harming patient’s health.

Dental X-Ray – OPG

Dental X-Ray – OPG- is a panoramic or wide view both rows of teeth.By using this method a dentist receive dental records ,jaws and nasal cavity.This allows a specialist to see everything nuances in order to provide the treatment and prediction an expected result.

CT scan

This is a modern method which provides two-dimensional and three-dimensional digital image of patient’s head,identify defects and deformation.By means of this method it is also possible to localize of inflammatory process.In case of emergencies dental care CT scan is particularly important and necessary. Dental care has become more productive with the aid of CT scan.

3D diagnosis

Today a 3D diagnosis of dental ranks and jaw using CT scan is the most accurate and safety method for diagnosing .Using this technology we can as accurately as possible to review a condition of maxillo-facial area and diagnose a problem even in the early stages.


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