Dental Center "MC" in Zaporozhye , address : st, Pochtovaya 27/29


Our address : st, Pochtovaya 27/29

+38(061) 213-05-33
+38(066) 424-47-59
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Schedule: Mon-Fri : 8:00-20:00, at weekends: 9:00-18:00




Vladislav Villievich Danilenko

Chief of the department A dental therapist Work Experience -15 years

Anastasia Petrovna Garbuz

A dental therapist Work Experience – 13 years
An orthopedist Work Experience – 18 years
A dentist Work Experience – 5 years
A dental therapist Work Experience – 2 years


Victoria Shkoda

I express my gratitude to the doctor Yanko. He saved me from a standing pain in a tooth that gives in the maxillary sinus. The pain have been bothering me for two years. No one wanted to take care of the doctors and remake someone else’s work, saying that I was allegedly inventing pain. He did this as Doctor-Professional and a doctor-Person with kind heart.
He fill the root canal of tooth and I got rid from the permanent pain. I will treat my teeth only at him, because i trust him.I liked the fact that there is no indifference to the patient, and of course high professionalism. I WISH HIM HEALTH AND MEET GOOD PEOPLE ON HIS WAY.

Harabara A.V.

I would like to express my great gratitude to the clinic and its doctors. They are very professional people.Dentists are nice and helpful. I would like to highlight a separate gratitude to Bereziy E.N and Kovalev V.V. The good dentists and people. Thanks a lot)

Anastasia Savchuk

I want to thank The Dentist-therapist Olga Zhukova for the excellent work carried out. I was very satisfied with Olga’s professionalism, which had a high-quality and perfect-beautiful therapy. It is pleasant when the specialist finds an individual fit for each patient and you leave with ideal teeth. I wish to her further development in the profession and good clients!


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