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What are lumineers?

People are very painful to perceive the appearance of all kinds of defects on the front teeth. After all, chips and spots make it impossible for us to smile. We can smile still but the dazzling effect, which produces a bright, beautiful smile, it wasn’t going to get. That’s why the holders of unideal teeth are often ready to pay a large sum of money in order to regain previous charm. Thanks to the latest technology of tooth restoration -use lumineers-dentistry manage to completely meet the expectations.

Lumineers – this improved variety of veneers. These are thin ceramic plates that are attached to the teeth. Such overlays cover the shortcomings of enamel, seals, creating the effect of healthy teeth and a snow-white smile. In what cases are lumineers used?

-the position, the shape of detached teeth;
-the color of the teeth;
-chipped, cracked enamel;
-non-carious lesions;
-Trema, diastema (gaps between teeth) – as an alternative to orthodontic treatment.
-disproportionate size of teeth
-set of teeth-jagged

In the presence of such defects, many close themselves, stop getting acquainted with new people.

Lumineers assist to rectify the situation-you feel confident with colleagues or friends. How does the procedure pass

As a rule, for installation of lumineers two or three visits to dentistry are enough. During the first visit, the doctor manufactures a mold of your teeth.

During your second visit, you will record the design using special material. Pre-prepare the tooth for a better grip with fixing material.

Lumineers and veneers: what's the difference?

Veneers has a thickness of about 0.5-0.7 mm, the lumineers only 0.2-0.4 mm. During the restoration of teeth with the help of veneers require remove the tooth enamel, so the top layer of the tooth is lost irretrievably. Due to a little thickness of lumineers do not require buffing of teeth. Veneers provide natural color to teeth. Lumineers look brighter and whiter than veneers(it is not for nothing often called “hollywood veneers”).

Service of “hollywood teeth” – 20 years, standard veneers are preserved for about 10 years.


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